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2023 Annual Seniors Day

On October 14th, 2023, BC Cultural Diversity Association (BCCDA) presented the 2023 Seniors Day award ceremony to celebrate International Seniors Day, from 11 am to 2 pm at Pink Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver, BC.

National Seniors Day is a special occasion dedicated to honouring and celebrating the contributions and achievements of seniors across the country. It encourages people of all ages to reflect on the importance of supporting and empowering seniors, ensuring they continue to lead fulfilling and dignified lives. The 2023 Celebration features recognition and awards showing appreciation to notable seniors (80+ years old) from diverse cultural backgrounds who made a difference in their communities. Several cultural performances represent different faces of society, including Korean Drumming, Traditional Romanian Songs Group, and more. Lunch is also part of the event, thanks to the support of Pink Pearl Seafood Restaurant. 

The success of Annual Seniors Day 2023 wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of sponsors committed to uplifting and empowering seniors. BCCDA cooperated with Eclipse Awards, Shan Printing & Signs Ltd, Clarion Management Inc., G&F Financial Group, Vancouver Singapore Club, Silvercan Builders Inc., Soo Jerky Ltd. LeKiu Distributors Ltd., and more. Thank you all for your support.

Over 200 people attended this celebratory event. Greeting messages from the Prime Minister, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, the Premier of BC, the Leader of the Official Opposition, and Mayors of the City of Richmond were received. Ten seniors were honoured with plaques and certificates, the names of the honorees were set up in alphabetical order based on their respective Last Name.:

  • Dominica Bagunu
  • Dennis Baker
  • Sucha Claire
  • Maggie Ip
  • Lorita Leung
  • Lucille Loose
  • Sudha Manral
  • Bent Nielson
  • Gwendolyn Wong

The Annual Seniors Day had not only provided a platform for celebration but had also fostered connections and fostered a deeper appreciation for the invaluable role seniors play in shaping our world. Thank you all for participating in this beautiful occasion.

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